We’re on a Mission:

We want to create the ultimate Alaska dream vacation, and what’s amazing about Anchorage is that you can base it all out of downtown.

Normally a city has a downtown, then a ‘tourist’ area near the water with tours, cruises and all that operating out of the ‘touristy’ section. Anchorage is a small city when compared to the average American city, and the downtown core is right on the water.

Whether you’re looking to venture out into one of our majestic parks, or take a cruise to see some glaciers up close, everything is closely situated together in the downtown core. You can walk from your hotel to the docks!

Airport Proximity:

The Anchorage airport is very close to downtown, so a taxi ride should only take you 5-10 minutes to get downtown. If you have a flight that’s heading in late, you likely don’t need to stay at an airport hotel overnight before checking in to your ‘main hotel’ the next day.

Some Testimonials From Satisfied Adventurers:

I was visiting Anchorage late last year for business and had trouble finding listings for extended stay hotels. Luckily your…

Charles Rice